September 6th, 2017

So Long, PAX West 2017!

It’s unbelievable how fast 4 days can pass you by, but sadly, we have come to the end of PAX West 2017. A pretty monumental effort was involved in creating PAX West 2017, from the exhibitors slaving away to show you what they’ve been working on, to the Enforcers giving up their free time to try and create a great event, and we appreciate everyone who was involved, including all of our attendees for bringing the sense of community and culture that defines the PAX “vibe”.  We really hope you’ve had a great time, and if you didn’t, we welcome your feedback in how we can make things better.

Until next time, my friends, as of right now we’ve got 50 days until PAX Aus and it’s time for us to get right back at it!