Ages 13+

A New Home for Heroes - How Three New Indie Games Carry the Torch for the Superhero MMORPG Community

When the venerable MMORPG City of Heroes shut down in 2012, it gave rise to several projects often called spiritual successors. Each of these efforts took the same inspiration, yet have developed very different titles. Join Casey McGeever of Heroic Games, Chad Dulac of Silver Helm and Nathaniel Downes of Missing Worlds Media for a conversation a conversation about the challenges in making the game, the progress so far, and how these games will build on and stand apart from City of Heroes as something different and new while serving the great gameplay and positive gaming community that has been looking for a home.


Casey McGeever [CEO, Heroic Games], Chad Dulac [COO, Silver Helm Studios], Nathaniel Downes [President, Missing Worlds Media]