Bad Horse, Lando, Potato, and More: 10 Years of Pranking PAX

The group that brought you PAX Tours, Boo Flash Mobs, The Alphathon, and many other pranks at PAX is having their 10-year anniversary! Join up with PAX Prank members to peel back the curtain and see how this all came to be. As a special treat, Jerry Holkins plans to join us to give us his experiences from the Penny Arcade side of the house. This should be a lot of laughs, hijinks, and good stories. Hope to see you there.


Anthony Chapman [Legacy Pranker, PAX Prank], Todd Joslin [Resident Adult, PAX Prank], Jerry Holkins [Creator / Writer, Penny Arcade], Mark Katzbach [Videographer / Editor, PAX Prank]