Broaden Your Game: Creating Better Stories in RPGs

Role-playing games are about bringing a party of disparate characters together for a common goal, just like the players in the game. How can we as players, GMs, designers, and streamers tell new stories that break new ground rather than rely on familiar tropes? How can we expand our audiences though both quality and inclusivity? A collection of Twitch streamers and designers discuss their experiences on how we can all create more interesting RPG experiences for players and viewers alike.


Tyler Carpenter [Game Designer, Harebrained Schemes], Claudia Jacob [Product Manager, Rabid Fandom], Lauren Bond [Streamer / Cosplayer, Hyper RPG], Stephanie Cheung [Artist, Hyper RPG], Cheryl Platz [UX Designer, Microsoft], Whitney "Strix" Beltran [Tabletop Game Designer, Indepdenent]