Canceling the Apocalypse: The World Is Totally on Fire!

Join a group of industry vets and professional voice actors on stage for the return of the most apocalyptic panel ever created. In a highly-irradiated landscape ruled by misshapen mutants, five unlikely heroes gather to save the world… again. Canceling the Apocalypse is a live escape-room, choose-your-own adventure game created specifically for PAX West 2018, complete with role-playing, video game trivia, dice-rolling, time travel, complex math, and ample audience participation.


Ash Sevilla [Host, Nerd Appropriate], Dayeanne Hutton [Life is Strange, Voice Actor], Kate Dollarhyde [Narrative Designer, Obsidian], Erin Yvette [Wolf Among Us / Oxenfree, Voice Actor], Kelly Wallick [Overlord / Founder, Indie MEGABOOTH], Sean Baptiste [Influencer Manager, Bethesda]