Ages 13+

Come See Giant Bomb!

Giant Bomb is at it again with a lengthy presentation covering the following topics:

- What's Up?

- What's Going On?

- What's Good?

Join Giant Bomb for a thorough examination of these important issues and lend your voice to the proceedings via a lively, *uncensored* Q&A experience that will definitely "get people talking." Can you afford to miss this exclusive event? We didn't think so. See you there!


Jeff Gerstmann [XBL: DankBudz84, Giant Bomb], Dan Ryckert [PSN: PotatoFunker1, Giant Bomb], Alex Navarro [XBL: xXx TrashEnthusiast xXx, Giant Bomb], Abby Russell [PSN: XtremeFooder007, Giant Bomb], Ben Pack [XBL: ThaPackMan420, Giant Bomb], Jason Oestreicher [PSN: BigPoppaPump19, Giant Bomb]