Dear Player: Love Letters from the Games Industry

Dear Player. This is a panel talk just for you. This is a panel of people who work in the games industry who have written letters to you personally, talking about all the things they want you to know. The good things, the sad things, the hilarious things, and the difficult things. Let’s discuss in an intimate setting what the relationship between game developers and their audiences is like, the challenges it brings and what we can do to understand one another more.


Jennifer Scheurle [Game Design Lead, Opaque Space], Amanda Farough [Managing Editor, GameDaily Biz], Emily Grace Buck [Narrative Designer, Telltale Games], Kenny O'Brien [Influencer, YoVideogames], Tanya Short [Captain, Kitfox Games], Evva Kraikul [Creative Director, GLITCH], Cory Barlog [Creative Director, Sony Santa Monica]