DigiPen Presents: Back When I Was 8-Bit - The Game Developer Chronicles

Game developer notables, all former DigiPen students who dreamt of future careers in the industry, come together for an introspective and candid discussion on the games that made them want to be more than just players. They discuss how school prepared them for the roles they hold today, their best classroom memories, and their first jobs out of school. Learn how their careers developed and their answers to the million dollar question: what do they wish they had known then that they know now?


Devin Jensen, BSCSRTIS (2015) [Software Engineer, Microsoft], Lauren Stutzriem, BFA (2017) [Story and Character Artist, Kuku Studios], Stephen Scott, BFA (2010) [Founder / Creative Director at Algitt Studios LLC, Associate Game Designer on Minecraft], Allan Deutsch, BSCS (2017) [Program Manager, Microsoft Advanced Technology Group], • Victoria Smith, BSCSRTIS [Software Engineer, Uber Entertainment]