Flying Solo: What It's Like to Make a Game by Yourself

How do you make a board game when all you have is a laser? How does one creator get a game on a modern console? How do you make a card game from scratch?

Join the makers of Salt and Sanctuary, Axiom Verge, and more in a discussion on what it's like to make games solo. Learn about the risks and challenges of working alone, what working "solo" really means, what's possible and what isn't, and when and how to ask for help when you inevitably need it.


Karlee Esmailli [Head of Accounts, Cards Against Humanity], Jacob Vander Ende [Owner, Spriteborne], Paul Warne [Owner, Lumo Amuzo], Emma Larkins [Game Designer, Heartcatchers], James Silva [Co-Owner, Ska Studios], Tom Happ [Owner, Thomas Happ Games]