Ages 13+

Foreplay: Romance in Games

What's it like to be in the business of making gamers fall in love with characters that aren't real? With a growing diversity of games, we have a broader spectrum of romances than ever. But what makes you fall in love with your favorite in-game paramour? Hitting the right balance of writing, artwork, voice acting, and music is complicated. How do the pros do it? And what could the future hold? Come cuddle up as we turn down the lights and turn down the bed on modern, digital romance.


Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows [Creative Director, Gorgeous Robot], Hilary Heskett Shapiro [Senior Brand Manager, Bethesda Softworks], Sean Baptiste [Community Manager, Adult Swim], Arden Ripley [Writer / Developer, Date or Die], Hannah Telle [Voice Actor, Life is Strange], Nicole Martinez [Writer, Telltale Games]