From Pixels to Pieces: A Digital/Tabletop Game Design Mashup

The lines between digital and tabletop game design are blurring. Though they are often pitted against one another, future innovations hinge on learning from both: leaning into the accessibility and immersion of digital while embracing the visceral feel and camaraderie of tabletop. Hear from speakers pushing the boundaries between the two: digitizers of tabletop games, makers of “digital board games,” and designers experienced in both who advance their craft on each side of the fence.


Matthew Moore [Experience Designer, Do Better Games], Emma Larkins [Tabletop Game Designer, Emma Larkins], Eduardo Baraf [Founder, Pencil First Games], Geoffrey Suthers [Game Designer / Co-Founder, Studio Wumpus], Jeremy Handel [Founder, Handelabra Games], Theresa Duringer [Designer, Temple Gates Games]