Ages 13+

Game Narrative 20XX: Futures of Interactive Storytelling

From God of War to Night in the Woods to Dream Daddy and beyond, interactive storytelling is in something of a golden age, propelled by a rapid and ongoing maturation of technique, technology, and taste. Game stories have come a long way in a short time. So where do we go from here? In Game Narrative 20XX, game writers and narrative designers will speculate wildly on the future of interactive storytelling in the years and decades to comeā€”and what that means for the future of games as a whole.


Aaron Linde [Narrative Designer, ArenaNet LLC], Walt Williams [Writer], Jolie Menzel [Narrative Designer, Ubisoft San Francisco], Kaitlin Tremblay [Narrative Designer, Ubisoft Toronto], Alex Kain [Narrative Designer, ArenaNet], Josh Scherr [Writer, Naughty Dog]