Geek Shopkeep: Nerds in a Physical Space

Nerd spaces have changed AND they've stayed the same?!?! Sure, we still have game stores, but when did arcades come back?  Are all the new spaces also spots to drink?  Heck yes!  These geek shopkeeps give you the reality of owning a nerd space.  The horror stories, the community events, the joys, the critical hits, and the critical fumbles of living in the physical space of geek culture in an ever-digitizing world.  Come laugh, and maybe cry, with the exhausted owners.


Steven Perry [Nerdcore NC, Death*Star], Matt Zaremba [Owner, Zulu's Board Game Cafe], James Ackerson [Manager, 8-Bit Arcade], Evan Louscher [Owner, Games & Gizmos]