Ages 13+

Geek V. Geek: The Fight for the Finest Fandom

Nerdcore Edition: Nerds love to bicker, debate, and squabble over the finest fandoms!  GvG figures, why not do that for your enjoyment!?  Geek V. Geek is back at PAX West to entertain with versus battles about heated nerd discussions.  Halo or Half-Life?  Skyrim or another, uh, version of Skyrim?  These nerd personalities are back again and ready to entertain.  Will it be comics or manga?  Tabletop or digital? What's the greatest fandom?  We argue, you cheer.  We cry, you cheer.  Everybody wins!


Greg Spyridis [Game Creator, GM Press], Ryan Jamaal Davis [Nerdcore MC and Producer, Kadesh Flow], Chris Allen [Nerdcore MC, EyeQ], Leron Gray [Nerdcore MC and Producer, MC-OhmI], Jonathan Toffoli [Nerdcore MC and Graphic Designer, Adam Selene], (Francine) Shiboo Krismer-Blalack [Nerdcore MC and Geek Girl Con Founder, Shubzilla]