Giant Leaps: Space Exploration Past, Virtual, and Future

From Alan Shepard on the Freedom 7 to Commander Shepard on the Normandy to Blue Origin’s New Shepard, from pixel asteroids to actually mining asteroids today, space captures the imagination of humanity. Join experts from The Museum of Flight, the minds behind the games Astroneer and Habitat, and engineers designing next-gen spacecraft to hear stories about the ways space history has influenced games and the way games are now influencing space reality, featuring artifacts from the museum.


Geoff Nunn [Adjunct Curator for Space History, The Museum of Flight], Marilyn Ferguson [Software Engineer, Blue Origin], Brendan Wilson [Co-Founder / Systems Engineer / General Manager, System Era Softworks], Drew Kelley [Avionics Engineer, Planetary Resources, The Asteroid Mining Company], Charles Cox [Founder / CEO, 4gency LLC], Sean Mobley [Docent Services Specialist, The Museum of Flight]