Ages 13+

Hemming and Health: Self-Care in Cosplay

Cosplay is fun, no doubt! It's a rich and vibrant culture. Still, there are stressors that people hesitate to talk about: time frames, physical health at conventions, anxiety, image expectations of other people (gender, body type, ethnicity, etc.), and many more. Join our panel of cosplayers as we discuss some of the stressors they've experienced, how to overcome them, and how to get back to the fun! Moderated by Raffael Boccamazzo ("Dr. B"), clinical director of Take This.


Raffael Boccamazzo [Clinical Director, Take This, Inc.], Mala Foxx [Owner, Adventures with Mala], Terrance Bouldin-Johnson [Owner, Epimetheus Cosplay], Brigid Lohman [Designer and Seamstress, Birdylo Custom Costumes], Kelsey Bujacich [Independent Costume Consultant], Dominique Thomas [Executive Producer, Afroductions]