"I Agree", the Internet's Biggest Lie: T&C/Privacy Post-GDPR

Rhetorical question time:  How many of you have clicked "I Agree" without reading the terms?  OK, we get it, you all have.  With Europe’s new privacy law, the GDPR, governments are finally catching up to the idea that, no, we can’t possibly read and agree to every term that’s put before us.  So how can gamers and companies navigate the T&C landscape in this new reality?  We’ll discuss T&Cs;, privacy policies, what they do for you (either as a company or a gamer), and how to use them properly.


Ryan Black (@RyanJBlack) [Partner / Co-Chair, Information Technology, McMillan LLP], Matt Dobill (@Phasmius_Law) [Associate Attorney, Morrison & Lee LLP], Angelo Alcid (@AngeloAlcid) [Attorney, Ludic Legal], Colin Sullivan (@FactorTest) [Head of Legal, Patreon], Joel Liu (@ShengAtLaw) [Managing Attorney, Joel Liu], Suzanne Jackiw (@ZedtheGamer) [Corporate Counsel, NCSoft West]