I Made a Premium Indie Game. How Do I Actually Make Money?

Indie devs are facing the most challenging sales environment ever. More than 200 new games are published monthly on Steam, and sadly, the average quality is declining. The app stores are filled with millions of games, a large percentage of which are subpar. Consoles are still difficult publishing options with indies getting minimal marketing support if they’re even approved. Stolen Steam keys are bought and sold rampantly on gray markets with no end in sight. Bundles are great for a quick cash infusion, but often, developers get paid just a penny per game sold. So what is an indie developer to do to survive?


Cade Peterson [VP of Content and Community, Jump], Johnnemann Nordhagen [Founder, Dim Bulb Games], Alex Nichiporchik [CEO, tinyBuild], Robert Bowling [Co-Founder, The Label], Ty Taylor [President, Quantum Astrophysics Guild], Kristy Norindr [Co-Founder, messhof], Raghav Mathur [Co-Founder, BlackShell Media]