Indie Game Designers Modify and Play Mafia

A selection of independent game designers come together to modify the existing roles and rules of the popular party game Mafia, playing out the mess they've made for your entertainment. This will be Mafia's second West appearance and is a spin off the cult hit Indie Designers Modify & Play Werewolf panel which has been a staple at East for the past three years. Established host, Pete Vellucci Jr, once again steps up to moderate returning and new players in this hilariously broken game of Mafia!


Pete Vellucci Jr. [@ryvvn], Sarah Landstrom [@sarah_landstrom], Christopher Wulf [@chriswulf_], Patrick Brennan [@PatjBrennan], Razlo Bailey [@Razlo], Adriel Wallick [@MsMinotaur], Ryan Cousins [@RyanCousins], Nicole Amato [@toits], Jake Vander Ende [@jakeninja], Shawn Alexander Allen [@aNuChallenger], Teddy Dief [@TeddyDief], Ziba Scott [@popcannibal], Myriame Lachapelle [@MllePilgrim], Akash Thakkar [@AkashThakkar], Pete Newland [@MtGSPete], Chris King [@batterystaple_g]