Ages 13+

Indie Game Designers Modify and Play Mafia

It’s round three of Indies Play Mafia! If you’ve been to previous rounds, or our PAX East Werewolf variant panel, you already know how this works, but you never know what surprises are in store. Panelists will point fingers, accuse, betray, and yell a lot. The audience gets to enjoy laughing along as the panelists are forced to play out specially modified roles and rules which disrupt the game in undeniably entertaining, oftentimes physically comical, and sometimes even hilariously broken ways!


Pete Vellucci Jr [@ryvvn], Sarah Landstrom [@sarah_landstrom], Razlo Bailey [@Razlo], Adriel Wallick [@MsMinotaur], Christopher Wulf [@chriswulf_], Shawn Alexander Allen [@aNuChallenger], Akash Thakkar [@AkashThakkar], Erica Lahaie [@aurahack], Chris King [@batterystaple_g], Ryan Cousins [@RyanCousins], Emma Larkins [@emmalarkins], Nicole Amato [@toits], Jake Vander Ende [@Spriteborne], Myriame Lachapelle [@MllePilgrim], Patrick Brennan [@PatjBrennan], Aenne Schumann [@PeachyAenne], Pete Newland [@MtGSPete], Ryan Lowy [@AJustConspiracy]