Influencers, Sponsorships, and Disclosures 101: Ask the FTC!

If you are a content creator, chances are you’re getting hit up by companies to promote their products in exchange for compensation. This can range from thousands of dollars down to a free copy of a game. If you’re not properly disclosing those relationships, you could be running afoul of the Federal Trade Commission and could even end up in court.

In this panel, some of the top legal and professional minds at the FTC and in the game industry will walk you through sponsorship disclosures. They’ll also answer your questions about the FTC’s guidelines, influencer endorsements, and other legal matters pertaining to marketing and promoting products on Twitch, YouTube, and social media.


Omeed Dariani [CEO, Online Performers Group], Richard McKewen [Attorney, U.S. Federal Trade Commission], Mona Ibrahim [Senior Associate, Interactive Entertainment Law Firm], Max “GassyMexican” Gonzalez