Is THIS going to be the year of VR?

Since the 90’s news stories have declared that “next year” was going to be the year we start wearing computers on our heads and surfing the information superhighway with our brains! Now that consumer grade hardware exists - and is about to become cheap enough for normal humans to afford - join our panel of VR developers, industry experts, and studio heads as we discuss what you’re actually going to be able to DO in VR (and probably AR) in 2018… and whether it’ll be worth doing.


Demetri Detsaridis [Managing Director, Experiment 7], Geoffrey Zatkin [Creative Director, Experiment 7], Ikrima Elhassan [Co-founder, Kite & Lightning], Robin Hunicke [Co-founder, Funomena], Jeff Pobst [CEO, Hidden Path Entertainment], Maria Essig [VR/ARContent Partnerships, Google]