Latinx in Games: We Are Here and You Belong Here Too

The Latinx community is filled with a strong, vibrant, and colorful culture that is reflected by the diversity of our roles spread all over the gaming industry. We’re fostering a community where Latinx can meet, exchange ideas, and grow.

You don’t have to be fully fluent in Spanish or raised completely Hispanic to be included here. We want to share our cultures, our struggles, and our triumphs with the entire Latinx community and our allies, in the hope that we inspire our next generation of developers.


Juan Vaca [Narrative Designer, Endless Entertainment], Cristina Amaya [Event Planner, Discord], Elaine Gomez [Game Designer, E-Line Media], Jennifer "Narz" Vargas [Social Media Producer, The Gamer Agency], Juan Carlos Ibarra [Founder, Indie Games Mexico], Danny Peña [Founder / Co-Host, Gamertag Radio]