Ages 13+

LEVEL UP: Manifesting Your Gamer Self in Real Life

For many of us, games are where we find our true selves. This is NOT by accident. The role of play has long been to provide a way for us to model certain behaviors in a safe environment where consequences are limited. Are you ready to take that self-knowledge into the real world where the rewards and consequences are life-changing? Our panelists will give you some straight talk on embracing your inner warrior, leader, hero, and lover.


Christopher Lye [President, Geek for Life], Eri Kardos [President, Eri Kardos Relationship Coach], Jordan Giarratano [Sensei, Fighting Chance Seattle], Aaron LeMay [President, The Gamer's Way], Mike Selinker [President, LoneShark Games], Sarah Jones [Founder and CEO, Introverted Alpha], Richard Foge [Design Director, Undead Labs]