Monster Hunter: Building a Community

Heard of Monster Hunter? One of Japan's best selling series, growing popularity in the west, it's changing the social sphere and we're here to tell you how. Join Kogath, head of the Monster Hunter Wiki; Herny, Monster Hunter YouTuber; HotSammySliz, Monster Hunter streamer; and Monster Hunter NYC to discuss what the game gets right and how to use those ideas to create a community in your area. Learn how to network within the industry and create success, using the tricks learned from our experience. Even if you've never heard of the game, join the hunt!


Mary Rosado [Community Administrator, Monster Hunter NYC], Henry Flores [Content Creator, Twitch], Johnathan Rodriguez [Community Administrator, Monster Hunter NYC], Dailin Mercedes [Community Moderator, Monster Hunter NYC], Kevin Sierra Gomez [Community Moderator, Monster Hunter NYC], Samuel Mcmillian-Riley [Streamer, Twitch], Elise Oesterreich [Social Media Manager, Monster Hunter NYC]