One Very Icky Boy: How a Team of Industry Newbies Developed Deadfire's Newest Character

How does a lean crew of relative newcomers take up the work of the industry legends at Obsidian? By creating the grossest, smelliest companion Pillars of Eternity has ever seen (Durance included). Learn how Deadfire’s DLC team developed Vatnir from inspiration to implementation - and how they shake up Obsidian’s standard project structure to create a culture of their own.


Mikey Dowling [PR Manager/Moderator, Obsidian], Alec Frey [Producer, Obsidian], Ian Randall [Character Artist, Obsidian], Clare Sim [Concept Artist, Obsidian], Kyle Koenig [System Designer, Obsidian], Alex Scokel [Narrative Designer, Obsidian]