PAX RUMBLE V: The V Stands for Very Bad Video Game Wrestling

Really, a fifth one of these? How many times do you need to see 30 video game developers and journalists put on costumes, yell, and play janky old wrestling games for your amusement? Well, as long as the answer is "at least one more time," League of Heels will deliver the best in basic strikes, 2-dimensional villainy, and forgetting how to get back in the ring. If that’s not enough chaos for you, the winner of the 30-person Rumble will face the LOH Champion in our Main Event!


Aaron Trites [League of Heels], Alexa Ray Corriea [What's Good Games], Austin Walker [Waypoint], Dave Lang [Iron Galaxy], Eric Pope [Ubisoft], Pat Baer [UCB Theatre], Abby Russell [Giant Bomb], Alex Zandra [Merch Boss], Andi Clare [Video Game Choo Choo], Ben Pack [Giant Bomb], Dave Lang [Iron Galaxy], Jeff Gerstmann [Giant Bomb], John Drake [Sony], Kate Stark [], Matt Conn [MidBoss], Patrick Klepek [Waypoint], Paul Verhoeven [28 Plays Later], Sean Baptiste [Adult Swim Games], SWERY [White Owls Inc.]