Ages 13+

Pinny Pals After Dark: Let's Draw!

PPAD ( presents a live Let's Draw session with talented digital artists from the Pinny Arcade community. Moderated by hosts Adam Bargmeyer and Hingo with input from the audience, the artists will bring wacky ideas to life as enamel pin concepts. Featuring Sam Hartford (sammy.sam,, Chelsea Austin (thefawnn, Community Pin Designer), and special guests Amy Falcone (The C-Team / Clique Refresh) and Kris Straub (The C-Team / Chainsaw Suit). Swag Trebuchet!


Sam Hartford [Artist, Pinny Pals After Dark], Chelsea Austin [Artist, Pinny Pals After Dark], Adam Bargmeyer [Podcast Host / Sound Engineer, Pinny Pals After Dark], Andy Anderson [Podcast Host / QA Engineer, Pinny Pals After Dark], Amy Falcone [Artist, C-Team], Kris Straub [Artist, Chainsawsuit]