Ages 13+

Please Stand By: Video Game Marketing Done Right… and Wrong

Why did two million people watch hours of of a static Fallout splash screen? Who ever thought that bees would have anything to do with Halo?

Sure, video game marketing is about selling games, but that starts with getting players all aboard the hype train. We’ll talk about the best game promotions in history from ground up bad guy meat to custom gravestones.

Not everything is a good idea, though. We’ll also discuss the most cringeworthy marketing cautionary tales from gaming’s past.


Michael Futter [Author, The GameDev Business Handbook], Stephanie Tinsley Fitzwilliam [The Show, Tinsley PR], Amanda Farough [Managing Editor,], Aubrey Norris [Senior Manager of Player Voice, Minecraft], Tina Amini [Editorial Manager of Games, IGN]