Procedural Storytelling in Video Games

How do you tell a story with a programmed system out of your control? Developers from games like Into the Breach, FTL, Overland, Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War, Darkest Dungeon,  the Rebuild series, Moon Hunters, and The Shrouded Isle discuss their top tricks, tips, and tales of horror from trying to weave together storytelling and systems as game designers. Whether indie or AAA, the challenges of procedurally generating "emotions" in their games bring these devs together—or tear them apart.


Tanya X. Short [Director, Kitfox Games], Sarah Northway [Everything, Northway Games], Bob Roberts [Design Director, Monolith Productions], Justin Ma [Co-Founder, Subset Games], Rebekah Saltsman [Co-Founder, Finji], Tyler Sigman [Co-Founder / Design Director, Red Hook Studios]