Ages 13+

Real Feels: Crafting Meaningful Relationships in Games

Ever blushed when a fake character complimented you, felt proud when they did something cool, or cried when they got hurt? Busting past the average gamer’s protective chitinous armor over their soft tender hearts isn’t an easy task - but it’s up to the writers and designers of many games to do exactly that. Dig deep into the minds of these craftsfolk and pry out the secrets of how they get you to love fake things so deeply (and maybe hate them a little when they do tragic things).


Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda [Writer / Designer, DoubleBear Productions], Greg Kasavin [Creative Director, Supergiant Games], Heidi McDonald [Senior Creative Director, iThrive Games], Remy Boicherot [Game Designer, independent], Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie [Lead Writer, inXile], Jeff Kalles [Director of Operations, Penny Arcade]