Ages 13+

Reboot! Bringing Back Older Game Genres and IPs

In this panel, industry figureheads discuss the nuances and challenges behind rebooting some of your favorite game IPs and genres. Join a variety of speakers across the AAA and indie spaces to talk about bringing games like ToeJam & Earl, Friday the 13th, Rise of the Triad, System Shock, and more to the current generation of gamers.


Richard James Cook [Creator - Super Combat Fighter, Gamestar Arts], Randy Greenback [Executive Producer - Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun Media], Greg Johnson [Creator - Toe Jam and Earl, Humanature Studios], Dave Oshry [Producer - Dusk, Rise of the Triad 2013, New Blood Interactive], Warren Spector [Creative Director - Deus Ex, System Shock 3, Otherside Entertainment], Rebecca Heineman [Programmer, Co-Founder, Olde Skuul, Interplay]