Single-Player Is Dead; Long Live Single-Player

The viability of single-player games is an ongoing debate, and in the AAA space they’ve been pushed aside for more lucrative multiplayer games. But not everyone has given up. Developers including Remedy, OtherSide Entertainment, Lab Zero Games, and ArtPlay are bucking trends and creating new single-player experiences. This panel explores how independent studios are embracing the realities of smaller teams and budgets to deliver quality single player games on their own terms and keep the genre alive. Moderated by Game Informer Senior Editor Imran Khan


Thomas Puha [Head of Communications, Remedy Entertainment], Paul Neurath [Game Director, OtherSide Entertainment], Koji Igarashi (IGA) [Executive Producer, ArtPlay, Inc.], Imran Khan [Senior Editor, Game Informer], Peter Bartholow [Lab Zero Games]