Ages 13+

That's It, That's the Joke: Humor, Games, and Humorous Games

Ever tell a killer joke that fizzles? Imagine writing that same one ten times—or figure out where to make people laugh in the middle of a war zone—and you see why humor in games is a tricky subject. Whether it’s trying to shape the tenor of a whole game made to make people laugh, or evoke a snicker to lighten the mood in an otherwise grim situation, being funny isn’t easy. Luckily, with this team of game development experts on hand, it should at least be a great time to talk about!


Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda [Writer / Designer, DoubleBear Productions], Ron Gilbert [Writer / Designer, Terrible Toybox], Francois Alliot [Director, Nerial], Jolie Menzel [Lead Narrative Designer, Ubisoft Studio SF], Aaron Linde [Narrative Designer, ArenaNet], Zoe Quinn [Game Developer, Unburnt Witch]