The Reality of Virtual Reality: A Look at Consumer-Ready VR

With the recent consumer releases of VR/AR technologies, this panel hopes to help potential consumers to understand their options. VR/AR enthusiasts and skeptics will learn about what developers are doing to create a seamless, immersive experience that does not cause motion sickness. The panel will also discuss the variety of hardware that is now available, including pros and cons of tethered vs. mobile VR, controllers and motion-tracking, as well as the differences between AR and VR technology.


MJ Johns [Founder / Director, Astire Games], Cy Wise [Community and Events Wrangler, Owlchemy Labs], Finn Staber [Programmer / Designer / Co-founder, Portalarium / TheWaveVR], Ashton Kennedy [Producer, Converse VR], Patrick Curry [Director, Unity Austin], Jesse Schell [CEO, Schell Games]