This Talk is Gonna Suck (to Somebody): Subjectivity in Games

As players, developers, streamers, and more find their place in interactive entertainment, the mountain of games and content to tread through continue to grow with it - as well as how communities deal with what they like and dislike.

In this talk, you will hear perspectives on the benefits of using subjective thought in designing a game, how that can be utilized in serving to create healthier communities, and how it can be used in developing engaging and refreshing content.


Richard James Cook [Game Developer and Filmmaker, Independent], Randy Greenback [Exec. Producer - Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun Media Inc.], Mike Gaboury [Game Developer, Filthy Casual/Egonaut Games], Jillian Chastain [Streamer/Developer, StarlightSkyes], Mark Diaz [Programmer - Doom VFR, id Software]