Truths About Game Economies from the People That Make Them

From trading, to crafting, to virtual goods, to player progression, games have grown more and more complex with each generation, but it can be tough to wrap your head around economic systems, especially in games. Join a group of luminaires who are tackling those systems today for an exploration of how and why you should “invest” (see what I did there?) in your game economy.


Crystin Cox [Game Director, ArenaNet], Aaron Buckley [Director - Minecraft Marketplace and Monetization, Minecraft / Microsoft], Jason Arentz [Game Economist, 343 Industries], Justin T.H. Smith [Data Scientist, Xbox / Microsoft], Paul Peterson [Sr. Game Designer, Pokémon Company International], Nate Heiss [Sr. Designer, PopCap Games], Thomas Gutschmidt [Sr. Program Manager, Xbox Gaming Cloud]