We Can Train You: A Guide to Winning Your First Tournament

From official eSports teams in schools to signing up in local tournaments, the opportunities to make a name for yourself on the biggest stages in gaming are there for those who know where to look. Join the developers and prize-winning champs of some of the biggest titles in eSports, including H1Z1, Rocket League, SMITE, and Street Fighter V, for a discussion on where to start your pro gaming career, balancing training with a healthy life, and how to succeed when everything’s on the line.


Mark Tuttle [Director of eSports, Daybreak Games], Dan McHugh [eSports Manager, Hi-Rez Studios], Cory Lanier [eSports Program Specialist, Psyonix], Jace Hall [General Manager, Twin Galaxies], Justin Wong [Street Fighter V Pro Player, Echo Fox]