We Didn't Start the Fire, but We Fed It. Now What? Part 2

In 2014, we looked at the biggest trends facing the gaming industry and how gamers were embracing them. Three years later, our panel of industry insiders and journalists is taking another look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. We’ll discuss the big current trends (Early Access, the resurgence of PC gaming, the triple-I revolution, and the reign of DLC) and gaze into the crystal ball to figure out where we’re headed in the coming years.


Michael Futter [Special Project, BithellGames], Shams Jorjani [VP of Business Development, Paradox Interactive], Aubrey Norris [Senior Global Communications Manager, Microsoft], Amanda Farough [Gaming Editor, Mic], Jacqui Collins [Marketing and Events Producer, Adult Swim Games]