Why Should Gamers Care About VR?

What makes VR amazing? How does VR make games better? Why should gamers want to play games in VR, and what upcoming games are worth the cost of a VR headset? Talk to leading VR developers as they talk about what makes VR different than playing games in other mediums, discuss upcoming groundbreaking titles that you may not have heard of, and learn why they left their jobs at Bungie, Infinity Ward, and Zynga to start companies in this brand new medium.


Matthew Ward [Director of Reaping Rewards, Bungie], Maureen Fan [CEO / Founder, Baobab Studios], Tam Armstrong [CEO / Founder, Polyarc Games], Ray Davis [CEO, Drifter Entertainment], Ikrima Elhassan [CEO / Founder, Kite and Lightning], Marty O’Donnell [Audio Director, Highwire Games], Tom Sanocki