Ages 13+

You're Gonna Make It After All: Getting Into Games

You want to be in the games industry, huh? What do you need to do? What does that even mean? Is it only for coders? How do you do all this without getting burned out? Our panel of industry insiders and mental health advocates will share their stories and tips for how to break into the industry, succeed, and (more importantly) how to do it while maintaining your self-care and overall health.


Raffael Boccamazzo [Clinical Director, Take This, Inc.], Reed Albers [Senior Manager, Digital and New Media, Entertainment Software Association], Andrea Rene [Executive Producer, What's Good Games], Jacqui Collins [Marketing / Events Producer, Adult Swim Games], John Swinkels [Social Media Coordinator, Privateer Press], Kate Edwards [Prinicipal Consultant, Geogrify]