August 23rd, 2019

Tabletop at the Hyatt Regency!

As you may or may not already know, we’ve moved all things tabletop to our new venue, the Hyatt Regency! Let this serve as your guide as you navigate through the PAX West’s resplendent Regency of analog gaming.

Level 3
Tabletop Only Expo Hall - Here’s all the tabletop exhibitors you’ll find in this satellite expo hall.

Archon GamesTT03
Blood on the Clocktower TT04
Blue Heron Entertainment TT19
Catalyst Game Labs TT26
Deep Water Games TT08
Dice Throne TT15
Drinks with Frenemies TT20
Lucky Duck Games TT16
Metallic Dice Games TT02
Monocle Society TT05
Overpowered TT23
Panda Cult Games TT24
Pendelhaven TT22
Red Djinn Productions TT21
Q-Workshop TT28
Slugfest Games TT07
Steve Jackson Games TT14
Tabletop Co-op TT11
Tilt 5 TT10
TinkerHouse Games TT25
Wyrmwood TT06
Zulu’s Board Game Café TT27
Inked Gaming TT29

First Look – Play the latest up and coming games before anyone else.

Classic RPG rooms – Check out our vast Classic RPG library.

D&D Adventurer’s League – Play the greatest tabletop RPG of all time. Newcomers welcome. Signups and schedule will be available onsite.

Level 4
Freeplay - Rooms rooms on rooms on rooms.

Level 5
PAX Tabletop tournaments – Test your skills in tournaments happening all weekend long. You can see the full tournament schedule here.

Tabletop HQ – Our official PAX West Tabletop lending library featuring over 1000+ games free to play.

Additional Freeplay Space

Level 6
Freeplay - Haven’t had enough rooms yet? Here are more rooms. Including a room named “Twisp”.

Level 7
Magic events in Regency A - There will be Magic events for all skill levels running Friday – Monday!  Learn all about the Magic Schedule and signup here.

Raven Theatre - Enjoy content running all weekend long! Check out the panel schedule for Raven Theatre here.

The Regency Hours will be:
Friday – Sunday: 10am – Midnight
Monday: 10am – 7pm

And the address is:
808 Howell Street, Seattle, Washington, United States, 98101

See it on the map!

August 22nd, 2019

PAX West 2019 Merch

Being professional conventioneers, we’ve always had a penchant for show-and-tell, and we’re especially excited to show you what wares we’ll have available at the show next week. Gather ‘round this post, perhaps with a few treasured friends, and witness here the treasures, trinkets, and togs we’ve curated for this, the One and Only, Genuine, Original PAX West.

First, we call your attention to the Limited Edition Pin Set. You will notice this time, it is the PAX logo spelled in burgers. These sandwiches are calorie-free, and as far as we know, 100% vegan.

The term “limited edition” can’t be emphasized enough - we’ll be making a small quantity available each day, and only at the Sheraton Merch Booth.

If you like that design, so much you’d like it on a t-shirt, prepare to be delighted because we’ve made exactly that thing (our Variant Tee) as well.

We’ve been enjoying our trip around the sun with the PAX Explorer’s League, and this show will see us to our final destination—the Black Hole—in the form of a sumptuous plum-colored hoodie. We’ll also have an elegant line of commemorative mission patches, a pin set featuring Luna, Pluto, Mars and Neptune, an Explorer’s League ball cap bearing the League Shield, as well as Pluto and Luna tees.

Finally, if you’ve been waiting to buy your copy of the Acquisitions, Inc. official D&D book, we’ll have it just in time for Q3 projections meetings.

Want to see even more of what we’ll have? We’ve got all our banners in finest JPEG right here.

Note* If you purchased anything with your badges, you can pick them up at the Sheraton Merch Booth on Level 1 any day of the show (Friday through Monday) from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Just bring your confirmation code or a photo ID.

August 14th, 2019

PAX West 2019 Security Updates

The safety of our attendees is our number one priority.

This year, we will have metal detectors at the entrance to the Washington State Convention Center and additional security within the convention center and offsite venues.

Because of this, we have moved things around a little bit. Please take some time to read through this list of changes and be prepared to have your bags checked during the show upon entry. Any questions regarding these procedures or any other PAX West things, please email

1. To enter the show, you must already have your badge. If you don’t, you must visit Will Call, located on Level 2 of the Sheraton Hotel (1400 6th Ave), in Grand Ballroom A before entering the Washington State Convention Center.
2. The main entrance for PAX West this year is located on Convention Place. There will be two queues, one beginning on 8th Ave and one beginning on 7th Ave. The entrance will open at 8:00am before show hours start.
3. What was the front entrance last year (Pike Street) is now the back of the building and will serve as the main exit.
4. There is an ADA Entrance at Convention Place and Union Street, but those with a medical badge will be able to use any entrance.
5. The Annex entrance will be used as well, but only open after the expo hall opens at 9:30am. All other venues open at 10:00am.
6. Everyone will go through metal detectors upon entry. The less you have with you, the faster and easier it will be to get through security.
7. Please prepare to have your bag searched and props inspected. The same rules of our weapon and prop policies that have applied in past years apply again this year and all items that violate this policy will be confiscated.
8. Have your badge visible at all times!
9. Service animals only please.
10. Be patient with the process and follow the instructions of the Enforcers.

For a map running down our entrances, click here.

August 13th, 2019

PAX West V1.0 Patch Notes

Each year we try our very best to make changes to the show that will benefit the attendees and exhibitors! These changes take time, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and feedback as we try new things. We’re very excited to announce the following updates to PAX West to make sure everyone has a safe, fun experience!

New Main Theatre
To make the show more accessible, we’ve moved the Main Theatre to the Paramount! We know you’ll miss the journey, but trust us, it’s for the best.

Longer Expo Hall Hours
For years you’ve been asking for longer expo hall hours. So, starting this year, we’re extending the expo hall hours. Now the hall will open at 9:30am each day!

Increased Security
Safety is the most important thing. Period. With that being said, we’re adding metal detectors at the entrances to the WSCC as well as additional security measures in surrounding venues. Please keep an eye on your e-mail within the next couple weeks for more information about getting into the building.

New Tabletop Venue
Each year, tabletop has a bigger and bigger presence at the show. To give it some room to stretch it’s legs, we’ve moved all things analog to our new venue, the Hyatt Regency! There you’ll find tabletop exhibitors, content and tournaments.

More Concerts
Not a lot to say here, you asked for more concerts so we’re adding another night of concerts! This year you’ll enjoy the fine stylings of MC Frontalot, Supergiant, Mega Ran and K-Murdock and Knight of the Round.

Now you can enjoy sweet mamma jams all day long because Jamspace is back! You’ll find it in Room 3A. It’s packed with all sorts of great stuff like the 8-Bit Brass Band, The Nerdcore Showcase, The Pacific Noise Works Showcase, Rave! and The Vancouver Chipmusic Society Showcase.

August 6th, 2019

The PAX West 2019 Exhibitor List

We’re super excited about this year’s exhibitor list! We’ve got a huge year for games ahead of us and these exhibitors are bringing their A-game.

To see the booth locations and expo maps, download the mobile app for quick and easy access when you’re on the go. You’ll find the schedule there now, and in coming weeks you’ll also find PAX XP, Show Specials, merch previews, and more.

Without further ado here are your PAX West 2019 Exhibitors! *

10th Reality
11 bit studios
2Dogs Games
505 Games
Academy of Interactive Ent
Annapurna Games
Another Indie
Ask An Enemy
Astro Gaming
Asus Republic of Gamers
Bandai Namco
Batterystaple Games
Beautiful Glitch
Behold Studios
Berzerk Studio
Big Blue Bubble
Bloom Digital Media
Blowfish Studios
Bowlcut Studios
Brace Yourself Games Inc.
Breaking Games
C63 Industries
Child’s Play
Chump Squad
Cinq-Mars Media
Clapfoot Inc.
Codename Entertainment
Coinflip Studios
Cotroller Chaos
Craftshop Arts
Cranky Watermelon
Crytivo Games
Cyberian Studios
Czech Games Edition
Daedalic Entertainment
Dan Fornace
Dark Horse Comics
Devolver Digital
Die Gute Fabrik
Dire Wolf Digital
Double Fine
Eleventh Hour
E-Line Media
Exato Game Studios
Exor Studios
Failbetter Games
Fiction Factory Games
Filament Games
Finite Reflection Studios
Firefly Studios
Five Houses
Flight School Studio
Flying Frog Productions
Foam Brain
For Fans By Fans
Funktronic Labs
G Fuel
Gaming Outfitters
GEICO Gaming
Giant Margarita
Glaive Games
Glitch Gaming
Golden Glitch Studios
Good Badger
Google Stadia
Graffiti Games
Greg Lobanov
GungHo Online
Gunnar Optiks
Headup Games
House Pixel
Hyperkinetic Studios
iam8bit x IMB Merch
Indie Games Poland
Inti Creates
Jason Rohrer
Kitfox Games
Knight Shift
Lake Washington Institute
Larian Studios
Leaftail Labs
Level Up Dice
Lightning Rod
Limited Run
Lone Shark
Love Conquers All Games
Me Games
Merge Games
Meta Threads
Motion Twin
NEXT Studio
NGD Studios
NIS America
No Matter Studios
No More Robots
Norse Foundry
North Star Games
Outerloop Games
Panic Inc.
Phaser Lock Interactive
Pillow Castle
Pink Gorilla
Pirate Software
Private Division
Pumpernickel Studio
R&D Hobby & Games
Red Moon Workshop
Resolution Games
Retrotainment Games
Rockfish Games GmbH
Rose City Games
Schell Games
Scuf Gaming
Seattle Film Institute
Secret Cow Level
Ska Studios
SMG Studio
Sold Out
Spearhead Games
Spooky Buns
Spooky Buns
Square Enix
Stellar Jockeys
Story Fort LLC
Supergiant Games
Sweet Bandits
System Era Softworks
Table Titans
Team Meat
The Behemoth
The Game Bakers
Thorium Entertainment
Thunder Lotus
Tursiops Truncatus
Ubisoft Entertainment
UDON Entertainment
Umaiki Games & Fabraz
Versus Evil
Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Virtual Novel Reading Room
WarpedCore Studio
Whatboy Games
White Wizard Games
Wonderbelly Games
XSEED Games / Marvelous USA
Yacht Club
Ysbryd Games

Tabletop Exhibitors

Archon Games
Blood on the Clocktower
Blue Heron Entertainment
Catalyst Game Labs
Deep Water Games
Dice Throne
Drinks with Frenemies
Inked Gaming
Lucky Duck Games
Metallic Dice Games
Monocle Society
Panda Cult Games
Red Djinn Productions
Slugfest Games
Steve Jackson Games
Tabletop Co-op
Tilt 5
TinkerHouse Games
Zulu’s Board Game Café

* This is a working list and may change at any time.