August 22nd, 2019

PAX West 2019 Merch

Being professional conventioneers, we’ve always had a penchant for show-and-tell, and we’re especially excited to show you what wares we’ll have available at the show next week. Gather ‘round this post, perhaps with a few treasured friends, and witness here the treasures, trinkets, and togs we’ve curated for this, the One and Only, Genuine, Original PAX West.

First, we call your attention to the Limited Edition Pin Set. You will notice this time, it is the PAX logo spelled in burgers. These sandwiches are calorie-free, and as far as we know, 100% vegan.

The term “limited edition” can’t be emphasized enough - we’ll be making a small quantity available each day, and only at the Sheraton Merch Booth.

If you like that design, so much you’d like it on a t-shirt, prepare to be delighted because we’ve made exactly that thing (our Variant Tee) as well.

We’ve been enjoying our trip around the sun with the PAX Explorer’s League, and this show will see us to our final destination—the Black Hole—in the form of a sumptuous plum-colored hoodie. We’ll also have an elegant line of commemorative mission patches, a pin set featuring Luna, Pluto, Mars and Neptune, an Explorer’s League ball cap bearing the League Shield, as well as Pluto and Luna tees.

Finally, if you’ve been waiting to buy your copy of the Acquisitions, Inc. official D&D book, we’ll have it just in time for Q3 projections meetings.

Want to see even more of what we’ll have? We’ve got all our banners in finest JPEG right here.

Note* If you purchased anything with your badges, you can pick them up at the Sheraton Merch Booth on Level 1 any day of the show (Friday through Monday) from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Just bring your confirmation code or a photo ID.