August 13th, 2019

PAX West V1.0 Patch Notes

Each year we try our very best to make changes to the show that will benefit the attendees and exhibitors! These changes take time, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and feedback as we try new things. We’re very excited to announce the following updates to PAX West to make sure everyone has a safe, fun experience!

New Main Theatre
To make the show more accessible, we’ve moved the Main Theatre to the Paramount! We know you’ll miss the journey, but trust us, it’s for the best.

Longer Expo Hall Hours
For years you’ve been asking for longer expo hall hours. So, starting this year, we’re extending the expo hall hours. Now the hall will open at 9:30am each day!

Increased Security
Safety is the most important thing. Period. With that being said, we’re adding metal detectors at the entrances to the WSCC as well as additional security measures in surrounding venues. Please keep an eye on your e-mail within the next couple weeks for more information about getting into the building.

New Tabletop Venue
Each year, tabletop has a bigger and bigger presence at the show. To give it some room to stretch it’s legs, we’ve moved all things analog to our new venue, the Hyatt Regency! There you’ll find tabletop exhibitors, content and tournaments.

More Concerts
Not a lot to say here, you asked for more concerts so we’re adding another night of concerts! This year you’ll enjoy the fine stylings of MC Frontalot, Supergiant, Mega Ran and K-Murdock and Knight of the Round.

Now you can enjoy sweet mamma jams all day long because Jamspace is back! You’ll find it in Room 3A. It’s packed with all sorts of great stuff like the 8-Bit Brass Band, The Nerdcore Showcase, The Pacific Noise Works Showcase, Rave! and The Vancouver Chipmusic Society Showcase.