May 23rd, 2019

Weekend Badges are Back!

Over the next couple months you’ll be hearing about this a lot, but we’ve been spending a lot of time listening to what the community wants out of PAX, and how we can make the attendee experience easier, safer, and just plain better.

There will be a lot more announcements coming, but the first thing we wanted to bring up is the return of our weekend badges. We phased these out in recent years to make it easier for more people to see the show even if they couldn’t do all 4 days, but it turns out people don’t like carrying four badges at once! Who knew?

We still want to be sure as many people who can only make a couple days can see the show, so these will be pretty limited in quantity. for those of you who are already planning on a full slate of PAX-tivies, we’ve got an option for you. 

As mentioned above, stay tuned, because we’ve got a whole series of little tweaks and adjustments to the PAX experience we’re very, very excited to share.  If you’ve got ideas on how to make the PAX experience better, let us know at @Official_PAX.

In the meantime, for the hint-seeking treasure hunters out there, enjoy this haiku:

Two thousand and one
Swipe to match colors and score
Shiny gems dancing