Ages 13+

A Fireside Chet: Watch a Designer and Journo Possibly* Fight

Sam, a Seattle games journalist with 20+ years experience, will ask a famous games human every freaking question he can think of about the games industry, Valve, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Stray Bombay’s future co-op gaming projects, verbs, and games that end with the number "3." Chet, a proud Seattle cat owner and all-around curmudgeon, will dodge many of Sam’s questions and ask his own about how journalism has changed, how developers should interact with the public, and why Sam should stop calling all gamers "stupid ninnies."

Sam will take offense to that one. Chet will remind Sam that most of his questions have been in "bad faith." Sam will fidget uncomfortably. And so on, until the duo possibly* gets into a brawl that bends 1-2 official PAX West rules. It’ll be informative. It’ll be fun.

* Chet definitely says we are fighting.


samred [Editor, Ars Technica], chetf [Co-founder, game designer, Stray Bombay]