Adventure Games: Then and Now

Did you grow up playing games by companies like Sierra On-Line and LucasArts? Do you still play new adventure games and point-and-clicks from companies like Wadjet Eye, Phoenix Online, or Clifftop Games? If so, then this panel was meant for you! Come join a bunch of game devs, creators and artists who have worked on the adventure games you’ve loved from your childhood, and celebrate those who are dedicated to the genre today! Enjoy the behind-the-scenes stories and history of those beloved games! Delight in the tales of the new generation of game creators who work hard to keep bringing you gorgeous adventure games you love! Come meet and greet with some heavy hitters, including Lori and Corey Cole of Quest for Glory and Hero-U fame, Al Lowe of Leisure Suit Larry fame, Francisco Gonzalez of Grundislav Games, Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye, and Ivy Dupler, voice actress from Wadjet Eye and Clifftop Games. See you there adventurers!


Corey Cole [CEO, Transolar Games], Lori Cole [CEO, Transolar Games], Al Lowe [Creator/Designer/Writer, Formerly of Sierra On-Line], Francisco Gonzalez [Grundislav Games], Dave Gilbert [CEO, Wadjet Eye Games], Ivy Dupler [Voice Actress, Clifftop Games], Troels Pleimert [The Space Quest Historian]