Ages 13+

Am I Geek Enough? The Female Experience in Gaming Spaces

There is a lot of discussion on inclusivity and equality for women within game spaces, but what happens when the criticisms become internalized? How do you navigate geek and gaming spaces if you doubt you even belong? Join this panel of accomplished authors, content creators, and gaming professionals – all of whom happen to identify as women – as they discuss their personal experiences and struggles existing in geek and gamer communities. They will share how they care for themselves, persevere, and flourish.


Trish Heinrich [Author, Freelance], Sarah Sawyer, PsyD [Content Manager, Take This], Tanya DePass [Founder, I Need Diverse Games], Britt Brombacher [Co-Founder, What's Good Games], Andrea Rene [Executive Producer, What's Good Games], Alicia Archer [Owner, Archer Inventive]