An Evening with Scott Kurtz

Scott Kurtz looks like a nice enough fellow, but don’t be fooled…that’s a shallow front for the evil that lies within. Scott Kurtz is the kind of guy who will be all like, "Hey PAX, can I have a panel?", and we could be all like, "Of course, no problem at all. What should we put in the description?", and then he’d be all like "/ignore".

In short, Scott Kurtz is a bad evil man, and if you attend his panel, you’ll only be rewarding his bad behavior.  So please.  On behalf of us poor PAX content managers, don’t attend his panel.  Don’t encourage his bad behavior.  Show a little tough love and tell him that if he wants an audience, he’s got to earn it.

We appreciate your cooperation through these difficult times.

XoXo - PAX Content Managers


Scott Kurtz (We Assume), Maybe some of his friends? Who knows?!