Annihilation Almanac: The Campfire Tales

Have you ever wondered what goes into penning and recording the games you love to play? Plop down by the campfire and cozy up to a seasoned crew of voice actors from your favorite titles for a strange, spooky, and mysterious one-time-only LIVE performance of Campfire Tales written just for PAX: West! From walking corpses and laser swords to high-tech mayhem and octogenarian assassins, come see what waits within the Annihilation Almanac.


Jennifer Hale [Mass Effect / Overwatch, Voice Actor], Cissy Jones [Firewatch / Darksiders, Voice Actor], Erin Yvette [Oxenfree / The Wolf Among Us, Voice Actor], Sarah Elmaleh [Gone Home/ Anthem, Voice Actor], Ash Sevilla [Host, Nerd Appropriate]