Balancing The Scales: Parent Edition

We’ve all been there. "What’s for dinner?", "Where’s my homework?", "There’s nothing on TV!" For many streamers, those questions (and many more) can be heard echoing in the background of our streams, sometimes turning into a full fledged on screen production. As the live-stream demographic continues to grow and evolve, it has surpassed being a hobby once geared toward the younger generation. As a potential career, or even serving as a means to supplemental income, we’ve seen a massive increase in parents taking up streaming - and being quite successful! But this bodes the question on every parent’s mind, "How do you deal with the parent and streaming balance?" Join our panel of partners and hear us talk about our sacrifices, advice, the importance of scheduling, making it a family affair, being a role model, and remembering that above all else - IRL comes first.


Charged_Live [Mixer Partner, Mixer], MissHenley [Mixer Partner, Mixer], Pilioka [Mixer Partner, Mixer], ScourgeOnMixer [Mixer Partner, Mixer], Supa [Mixer Partner, Mixer], LisaKell [Mixer Partner, Mixer]